Damage Prevention Academy was founded on the same essential DNA as the industry in which we serve – Damage Prevention Is A Shared Responsibility”.


Damage Prevention Academy is dedicated to providing industry leading damage prevention and ground disturbance consulting and e-learning solutions that are cost effective and efficient.

DPA realized over time, through its valued partnerships with facility owners/operators, that although industry, one-call organizations and stakeholders, work diligently and tirelessly to provide training materials and public awareness programs educating about underground facilities as well as the subsequent repercussions and dangers caused by accidental damage, access to high quality economical e-learning should be more readily available for contractors, excavators and facility owners.

In order to carve a new path forward in providing low cost, effective, efficient and engaging e-learning DPA had to flip traditional e-learning on its head to gain a new perspective and forge a new model.

Damage Prevention Academy began breaking down the traditional barriers, changing the game and raising the bar when it comes to how e-learning is developed and administered.


Damage Prevention Academy provides tailored compliance solutions. Our team of damage prevention and ground disturbance experts assist business in navigating regulatory compliance challenges while integrating corporate codes of practice and classroom safety programs into an effective e-learning format that is both efficient and cost effective.


Jay Stephens

Carolyn Barless

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