Texas Damage Prevention Training from Damage Prevention Academy becomes the first online training program to receive Gold Shovel Standard certification.

Damage Prevention Academy, dedicated to providing industry-leading damage prevention and ground disturbance training, has achieved Gold Shovel Standard certification. Excavators working in the State of Texas can choose to use Damage Prevention Academy for their training requirements when applying for Gold Shovel Standard certification.

Damage Prevention Academy is the first online provider of Gold Shovel Standard certified training. Unlike traditional classroom training, which can be costly and time consuming, Damage Prevention Academy provides 24/7 convenient access to high quality damage prevention training online. Whether you are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, Damage Prevention Academy provides seamless mobile-optimized training at your fingertips.

“We are excited to have achieved Gold Shovel Standard certification for our online training program,” said John Stephens, President of Damage Prevention Academy. “Safety must always be the number one priority when excavating near buried infrastructure. Proper education and training can significantly reduce the risk of damage and improve worker-safety.”

Damage Prevention Academy’s Gold Shovel Standard Certified Texas Damage Prevention Training is available through DPA’s learning portal at DPA.training.

About Gold Shovel Standard

Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) is a nonprofit organization that fills an industry gap by providing third-party confirmation of baseline Safety Management Systems for the protection of buried assets, and a fair and transparent metric for damage prevention. Gold Shovel Standard certified organizations can be recognized as best-in-class.

Gold Shovel Standard has already become a permanent fixture in much of North America as industry has rapidly embraced this ambitious program. The rate of adoption has dramatically increased since its implementation, and numbers of new members and participants are expanding at a healthy rate. Notably, GSS has been embraced by some of the largest telecom companies, gas and electric utilities, pipeline operators and a variety of municipalities.

About Damage Prevention Academy

Damage Prevention Academy is dedicated to providing industry leading damage prevention and ground disturbance training solutions that are cost effective and efficient. The role of all involved in the damage prevention industry is to reduce accidental and preventable damages to underground facilities. Utilizing Damage Prevention Academy’s certified training will reduce the risk of damage because students are taught the proper steps to take, from planning to execution, to protect underground facilities.

Damage Prevention Academy believes in being involved and doing their part, working in conjunction with industry experts, facility owners, excavators, contractors, municipalities and regulators, to provide more readily available training to reduce accidental and preventable damages to underground facilities.

For more information about Damage Prevention Academy contact John Stephens (403-472-5766 / john(at)damagepreventionacademy.com) or visit their website at: damagepreventionacademy.com

For more information about Gold Shovel Standard contact the Gold Shovel Standard Customer Service Team at (855) ORO-PALA (855-676-7252) or visit their website at: http://www.goldshovelstandard.com.

April is National Safe Digging Month; remember to call 811 any time you are planning to dig!

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