The Standing Senate Committee on Energy the Environment and Natural Resources released its report today on One-Call Services and Damage Prevention Best Practices. The report, entitled Digging Safely: One Call Notification Systems and the Prevention of Damage to Canada’s Critical Buried Infrastructure includes the following four recommendations:


1. That the federal government reference the CSA Z247 standard for protection and prevention of damage to buried infrastructure in relevant federal legislation and encourage provinces and territories to reference the standard in legislation.

2. That buried facilities on federal land be registered with a provincial or territorial one-call service; and that the federal government require anyone undertaking construction or excavation on federal land to call a one-call service, where one exists.

3. That the federal government require all owners of federally regulated buried infrastructure to become members of a provincial or territorial one-call service, where one exists.

4. That the federal government introduce a conditional provincial/territorial grant dependent on the adoption of legislation requiring the mandatory participation of all owners and/or operators of underground facilities and excavators in a prescribed one-call service. The grant would be available to assist one-call centres with training, innovation, education and public awareness.

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