Damage Prevention Academy develops and administers industry leading damage prevention training throughout North America. Whether you want to complete the available training programs or have a custom training program created specific to your company procedures and policies, Damage Prevention Academy can work with you to achieve this.

Custom training programs will include all state or provincial regulations, laws and guidelines along with all the specific company requirements and procedures. Allow us to develop a damage prevention program that trains your employees and third-party contractors on your company policies and required government regulations within a tailored and customized training course.

Whether you are working in the energy, construction or utilities industry, having your employees certified in damage prevention training allows your current and prospective clients to have confidence in your company’s competency and expertise. The role of everyone involved in the damage prevention industry is to reduce accidental and preventable damages to underground facilities. Proper and adequate training reduces the risk of damage because students are taught the proper steps to take from planning to execution to protect underground facilities.

A Damage Prevention Academy Certification will educate your employees and contractors of the laws, regulations and best practices when digging near buried facilities.

Many facility owners have their own requirements and regulations when it comes to digging near their buried facilities. The task of building your own damage prevention or ground disturbance procedure requires a large amount of time to sort through state or provincial regulations and laws while incorporating your own company policies and procedures. At Damage Prevention Academy we create effective damage prevention and ground disturbance procedures which are designed to allow for a flow while training and ensure all aspects of the procedure effectively outline the company policies and requirements. Our experts can help you to develop a structured and effective damage prevention or ground disturbance procedure.

“Damage Prevention is a Shared Responsibility”

Damage to buried facilities is generally preventable and most often occurs due to a breakdown in the damage prevention process. The responsibility for preventing excavation damage to buried facilities is shared by all excavators, facility operators, locators, one-call centers and the general public.

Damage Prevention Academy believes in working in conjunction with industry experts, facility owners, excavators, contractors, municipalities and regulators to provide more readily available training to do our part in reducing accidental and preventable damages to underground facilities.


Cost Effective

Utilizing the Damage Prevention Academy e-learning platform will provide up to 90% ROI as the cost to administer online training is 10% of that of traditional classroom. E-learning is economical and has proven cost savings of 70% to 90% per student over that of traditional classroom. E-learning is an efficient method of delivering ongoing training and increasing content retention by 25% – 50%. Students who utilize online training experience 56% increased learning gains.


E-learning is the most efficient method of delivering relevant and ongoing training.  E-learning increases content retention by 25% – 50%. Students who utilize online training have improved engagement and experience 56% increased learning gains. Research also shows online learning increases job performance by 15% – 25%.


Our software is fully secured over HTTPs/SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and the system undergoes a rigorous, independent penetration tests several times a year.  Our service provider is highly reliable with an uptime of over 99.99%. Using our Content Delivery Network (CDN), the course content is always close to your learners, wherever they may be.  Our systems’ infrastructure caters for scaling and load-balancing during peak usage times, with our automated monitoring keeping a close eye on content delivery and usage, our clients’ need for security, reliability and scalability is in good hands.


Convenient on-demand student access to the training anytime and anywhere with support available anytime it’s needed.  The efficiency of the Damage Prevention Academy online course delivery system provides students 75% reduction in time investment over that of traditional classroom training. The student can complete the online course, at their own pace, while allowing the flexibility to start and stop the course as necessary.

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