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  • Just below the surface, in every city and town across North America, is a complex network of buried infrastructure comprised of cables, wires, water mains, sewer lines and of course pipelines.
  • Every year uncontrolled excavation causes damages to innumerable underground facilities across Canada and the United States.
  • In almost all cases essential public services are disrupted and tragically some of these incidents ultimately lead to injury, death and/or environmental contamination
  • According to the most recent DIRT (Damage Information Reporting Tool) report submitted by the CGA(Common Ground Alliance) Submitting a locate request continues to prove the most effective means of preventing underground excavation damages
  • Year over year statistics show an upward trend to web based locate requests. According to the most recent report from Alberta One-Call there was 416,429 locate requests in Alberta in 2014. According to the report in 2013 41.61% of all locate requests were done using voice “aka the phone” and 57.71% completed the locate request through the web using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Compare that to the 2014 stats where only 25.60% of locate requests were done using voice and a whopping 74.40% were completed using the web. It’s easy to see where things are going and why Alberta One-Call has pioneered the Dig Info AB Mobil App to quickly and efficiently process your locate request
  • Fact: Accidental damage to underground infrastructure is avoidable if excavators adhere to industry safe digging best practices and utilize the One-Call notification services to notify buried facility owners and operators of the intended excavation so the buried infrastructure can be properly located to minimize risk.
  • Damage Prevention Is A Shared Responsibility. Whether you are a professional excavator, contractor, buried facility owner or operator or just a homeowner planning your landscaping, building a deck or planting a tree download the free Alberta One-Call App today and Click Before You Dig!
Step 1 – Download the Dig Info App for Free at:

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  • Click either of the icons above to download the Dig Info AB App
Step 2 – Localize Me:

AOC 1          AOC 2

  • Enter your name or the company name for which the locate will be provided
  • Enter the Project Name or Number (if any) for reference purposes
  • Enter the Dig Location physical address manually or simply click the “Localize Me” button to auto-populate the fields according to your location
  • Enter in additional intersection information to assist the locator in pinpointing the Dig Location
Step 3 – Enter Your Dig Location:

AOC 3     AOC 4     AOC 5

  • The Dig Info AB App generates a Google 3D map based on your Dig Location
  • Verify that the map is accurate by zooming in and out checking nearest intersection, landmarks etc
  • Use your finger to  draw a line around the perimeter of the Dig Location
Step 4 – Dig Location Additional Info:

AOC 6           AOC 7

  • Enter the approximate intended dig depth
  • Select the appropriate unit of measure
Step 5 – Dig Location Additional Info:

AOC 8           AOC 9

  • Click the property type where the planned excavation will take place
  • Select the Type Of Work from the drop down menu
Step 6 – Excavation Date, Type of Property and Additional Information:

AOC 10           AOC 11

  • Enter the planned excavation date
  • Enter job specific information such as Restricted Access or if you would like to request to meet the locator on site
  • Estimate, if you are able, the duration of appointment to complete the locates
Step 7 – Specific Dig Location Details

AOC 14          AOC 15

  • Enter the Lot, Plan and Job Number if known or applicable
  • In the text box provided describe where on the property the dig location is and any relevant information the locator might need to know
  • Click the camera button to upload photos of the dig location, landmarks, hazards, potential buried facilities or other potential hazards
  • Upload relevant documentation to assist the locators like sketches, maps, blueprints and plot plans
Step 8 – Review Your Locate Request & Check Your Ticket History:

AOC 12          AOC 13

  •  Review and verify your locate request information
  • At any time go to the Dig Info AB App on your device to check your locate status and your ticket history

The Alberta One-Call Dig Info AB App was designed to seamlessly provide the individual homeowner, contractor, pipeline owner or operator that is requesting the locate service a platform that is both secure and efficient for processing and tracking a locate request. Alberta One-Call is a private, not-for-profit corporation providing a communications service between people who intend to disturb the ground in Alberta and the utility operators who register their buried facilities (Members of Alberta One-Call).

Alberta One-Call is primarily concerned with safety and the prevention of damage to underground utilities. Those intending to disturb the ground, whether they are private homeowners or public contractors, can reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage by using the Alberta One-Call service. Operators of buried utilities, by being members of the Corporation, reduce the risk of utility damage, service disruption, environmental contamination, loss of product and potential disaster.



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